Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager White Sex Toy Product

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Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager White

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Product Details

  • Weight: 2.56 Ounces
  • Features: Phthalate Free
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
  • Materials: Plastic
    Plastic - Plastic is a synthetic polymer best known for its rigidity. The most common plastic is ABS, which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Plastics are durable with a high impact resistance. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: White
  • Shapes: Curved ,
    Curved - Has a gentle bend or arch.
    Non-Phallic - Does not resemble a penis.
  • Manufacturer: Aneros
  • Brand: Aneros
  • UPC: 894757001089
  • SKU: ANE10
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Product Description

The Aneros Progasm is the latest addition to the Aneros family of prostate stimulators. Large and bold, the Progasm provides additional sensations throughout the anal canal while still employing the same famous patented mechanism which causes our products to pivot inside the man's body, rhythmically stroking the prostate for incredible, sublime pleasure. The Progasm has several design features that distinguish it from the other Aneros models. First, the Progasm has a round, ball-shaped perineum tab. This new tab provides a different dispersion of pressure on the perineum. Second, the Progasm has a second tab, which we call the Kundalini Tab, or 'K-Tab.' This tab puts pressure on a known accupressure point located right below the sacrum or tailbone. The pressure from this new tab can provide extra sensations up and down the spine in addition to adding to the whole Aneros experience. Finally, most evident is the size of the Progasm. The Progasm is 25%-30% larger than the Maximus. The thick, contoured head and angled stem provides significant direct contact on the prostate for amazing sensations. Made in USA

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5 Reviews
Dan Verified Buyer
May 28, 2014
Have used other Aneros products before, but this one is by far the best! The size is perfect, with constant pressure on the prostate. I was milking for 30 minutes before i could not hold out, and shot so hard it hit me in the face! Even masturbation sessions a day later felt good after using it. It is NOT for the prostate novice, and use plenty of lube, relax, slide this pleasure machine in, and get ready to have a knee shaking orgasm!
Davie Verified Buyer
Sep 12, 2013
Rock Me
I did not experience the size issues of the other reviewers. Slid right in. Takes a minute of gentle rocking to get things started....First time I used it was for 20 minutes and came so hard I almost passed out. Some guys use them for medical prostate therapy, and insert them for hours (that I want to try)I've worn it for two hours and was nearly out of my mind. Amazing!
Casey32168 Verified Buyer
Mar 9, 2012
First, let me take a moment to praise the helpful and friendly staff. Part of making a purchase is feeling comfortable enough to ask questions. They do an outstanding job. The Andros does one hell of a job when used as directed. I don't believe I've had anywhere as intense an orgasm in years, as when I used this for the first (and second!) time. That being said, don't start, as I did, with the Progasm. I rather overestimated my experience level. If you're a relative novice to anal play, as I am, you'll find it easier to start with the beginner's version and work your way up. Insertion of the Progasm for me requires patience and plenty of lube (which the staff was very helpful in suggesting), but once past my sphinter it settles in nicely and I was quickly able to concentrate on the pleasurable sensations it delivered. Combine this with the Tenga Egg and you have the recipe for mind-blowing orgasm! Highly recomended.
Varmint Verified Buyer
Dec 27, 2011
BIG, but oh soooo good!!!
It's BIG, but oh soooo good!!! Definitely not for Novice/First timer. Got to Super-O's with Helix and wanted to go to the next level and this is it! Round P and new K-tab are awesome!! This is the go big or go home Aneros and if you're man enough be prepared to amaze yourself! Progasm is definitely ADVANCED model, not for Anal/Prostate novice. Get very aroused and loose. Lube it and yourself (lube injector not a bad thought) REAL good. First bulbous head in took a bit, then pop! All in and Damn it's big! After few minutes relaxing started contractions. Round P-Tab is MUCH better then Flat one. K-Tab is GREAT addition! Progasm put much more pressure on Prostate, could be too intense for some, and I could really feel a big object sliding in and out of my ass. Very quick to Super-O bliss where I would thrust up into the air and just hang as it rocked my body and I shook. Pools and pools of pre-cum all over me and numerous Super-O's continued until my balls ache to shoot a giant load all over myself!
rikaaim Verified Buyer
Feb 24, 2010
This is what it's all about!
I've tried anal toys and prostate massagers, this one is by far the best. Aneros has made a prostate massage that is filling and satisfying. The sensations provided are nearly beyond description. To begin, I made sure my entire anal area was clean prior to use. After the initial "prep" work, I used a mixture of K-Y Jelly and WET for anal lube. First, I applied some of the K-Y to the tip of my finger, rubbed around my anus, then inserted into my anal area. I gently stimulated myself using my finger tips so that I could be fully relaxed and loose. I repeated the process with the WET lube. After that, I washed my hands with antibacterial soap, fully dried them, and then put some more K-Y Jelly into my hand. I applied that directly to the Progasm. I then applied some WET on top of the K-Y. Once the Progasm itself was well lubed, I used a scooping motion to gently insert it into my body towards the prostate. It did not take long for my body to pull it into me. After the Progasm situates itself inside of me, I'll wash my hands off once more. I do all of this in the bathroom then head to the bed to snuggle in and enjoy the ride. After all the "prep" work is done, I am all ready for a bliss filled session. The Progasm instantly and aggressively hits my prostate without delay. It's large size fills me up like any other toy that I've enjoyed. The combination of size and design create a perfect harmony of stimulation and pleasure. Within five minutes my whole body was on fire with sexual energy and pleasure. My prostate felt inflamed and fully engorged with orgasmic pressure. This intense sexual pleasure soon spread throughout my body. My penis shaft felt like it was about to burst with orgasmic force at any moment. I did not touch my penis for this energy to continue to build and grow. Soon, my penis was releasing a copious amount of precum. The sexual energy soared throughout my body. I had sustained orgasms of two to three minutes centered directly in my prostate that radiated throughout the rest of my body. My hips bucked and hands freely roamed in the midst of all the pleasure. As long as I avoided penile stimulation the sensations swelled to peaks lasting for several minutes, then subsided for a brief moment and repeated themselves again. When I was ready for the orgasmic feelings to climax into a penile orgasm, I stimulated my shaft and enjoyed a full body orgasm. Everything about my body became more sensitive and heightened to pleasure. I would recommend this product to anyone already used to some girth. If not, this might be a bit too much for some anal beginners. Once comfortable with this model, orgasmic bliss should not be difficult to find. This product commands an aggressive approach to prostate stimulation.

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